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 Robert Pattinson

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PostSubject: Robert Pattinson   Tue Feb 16, 2010 4:34 pm

Ok so i was looking up on youtube one of my favorite stars Rob!! and i found some weird pichers after awhile.
Isnt it illegal for YouTube to allow Robert laying next to a tub with a naked woman in it?

Well, it apparently isnt and it should be! 0_0
i mean its weird, i was watching an interview and there was
a related video that had a CUTE picher of him :] im serious
and so i clicked it (it was him in white pants with light blue sweater, too cute) and then all these pichers
of him with girls naked appeared. Um...and it wasnt covered >.<

I feel like hollywood is corrupting minds. You go in there good and you leave there bad.
He said in an interview that he use to look in the mirror and decide for himself on
things. If he didnt like it he'd tell them no, but he one day realized he isnt gonna
get anywhere if he doesnt do things he doesnt want to.

Getting rid of yourself to please others,
Got it Rob.


©️ Everything made by me(:
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Robert Pattinson
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